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Terms and Conditions

  1. Redemption code from i-Gacha or Fortune Bag is strictly for own usage only. Selling/trading of redemption/item codes are strictly prohibited.

  2. Selling/trading of redemption/item codes from i-Gacha or Fortune Bag in exchange for in-game currency or monetary means will result in the same penalty as listed on MapleSEA Abuse Policy under Monetary Trading. Asiasoft Online will not be responsible for the actions of the parties involved as it is of their accord and risk undertaking.

  3. Redemption/item code comes with an expiry date. Players are advised to redeem the codes before the code expiry date. Asiasoft Online will not be responsible for any replacement of codes that have expired.

  4. Sharing of i-Gacha account information is prohibited to safeguard all players’ interest. All information listed in your i-Gacha account including your account balance and redemption/item codes should only be made available for your own viewing and usage.

  5. Players are obliged to report any bug or glitch regarding i-Gacha to the administrator via iBox promptly without intentionally exploiting and benefiting from the bug/glitch. Any communication of the existence of any such exploitable bug/glitch to the public is strictly prohibited.

  6. If found guilty of intentionally exploiting and benefiting from the bug/glitch, Asiasoft Online & Nexon Corporation reserve all rights to execute any form of penalty on the offending account including Permanent Suspension to protect the general interests of other players. In such cases, no compensation of any form will be made to the player.

  7. Asiasoft Online reserves the rights to add, modify or remove the rules and regulations as well as Terms and Conditions without any prior notice to provide a better service and to cope up with any issues that appear in the future. Announcements will be made on MapleSEA official website and forums for any changes made.

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